Olga Jelínková sings in the premiere of the opera about water fairies “Undine” in Leipzig

  • Olga Jelínková sings in the premiere of the opera about water fairies “Undine” in Leipzig

The premiere of the new production of Albert Lortzing’s fairytale opera will take place this Saturday, October 29, with a Czech soprano in the title role. “Undine is a water fairy just like Rusalka by Dvořák,” says Olga Jelínková, a member of the ensemble of the Leipzig Opera: “It is a fairy-tale opera in the style of early romanticism. Albert Lortzing is the main representative of the German Singspiel, i.e. a comic opera with spoken dialogues. The libretto of the opera is made up of a continuous text in sung form with spoken dialogues. German must therefore be as perfect as possible, at the level of an actor’s speech, which is of course challenging for a non-native speaker. Even during the singing line, I pay great attention to the bound way of singing, the so-called legato, but at the same time I have to pronounce clearly.”

The famous Gewandhaus Orchestra is conducted by the music director of the Leipzig Opera, Christoph Gedschold, and the production is directed by Tilmann Köhler. Olga Jelínková will also perform in this role on November 11 and 27 and July 7.

The radio broadcast of the opera can be watched on the station MDR KLASSIK on October 29. from 19:00.

In addition to the role of Undine, Olga Jelínková will also play the role of Violetta Valéra in Verdi’s La Traviata, Cleopatra in Handel’s Julius Caesar or Adina in Donizetti’s Drink of Love at the Leipzig Opera this season.

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