The National Theatre Opera

  • The National Theatre Opera

As a symbol of national identity of the Czech culture and as a part of the European cultural arena, the National Theatre bears the cultural heritage of the nation and at the same time is the arena for the country´s free artistic creativity. The National Theatre is a vibrant, artistic organisation which understands tradition as imposing a task and duty to continually discover new interpretations and is an endeavour to achieve the highest artistic quality.

The National Theatre is comprised of ensembles of various performing arts disciplines: drama, ballet, and opera, which is represented by two autonomous ensembles, the Opera of the National Theatre and the State Opera. Each ensemble has its own orchestra, chorus and ballet. The soloists form one collective and perform in productions with both ensembles.

The Opera of the National Theatre alternates its programming with the drama and ballet ensembles in the historic building of the National Theatre, the Estates Theatre and the New Stage. The stage of the State Opera is home to ballet and opera productions of the Czech National Ballet and the State Opera.

The Opera continues to develop its vibrant and innovative repertoire selected not only from the wealth of the Classics of world composers, but also new and works from innovative young Czech composers.

The Opera of the National Theatre and the State Opera regularly invite international conductors, directors, designers and other artists to cooperate with local artists and create innovative new productions.

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